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The Little-Known Profit Opportunities in Tax Lien Investing in 2020

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Key Takeaways From the Book

12 Millionaire Mindset Shifts:

Simple strategies the wealthiest investors use to make MORE money in LESS time (copy these and use them yourself)

Low Risk, Low Cost, High Reward:

Learn how to profit off the real estate market without having to worry about long-term transactions

Interest v.s. Own-and-Flip:

2 key strategies for generating income through Tax Liens and how to determine what’s right for you

Finding Profitable Tax Deeds:

How to pinpoint the best Tax Deeds that can give you a great return on investment without all of the competition

"Reverse" Tax Lien Investing:

Learn how to acquire tax liens directly from lienholders themselves and create a win-win deal for everyone involved

The “Excess Proceeds” Strategy:

See how this unique method of tax lien investing can help you start generating profits with as little as $100 down

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About the Book

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The Authors

Than Merrill

Than Merrill

Founder, FortuneBuilders & CT Homes

Than Merrill has over 15 years of professional experience in the real estate investment and lending industry. He’s the founder and principal in several residential and commercial real estate investment companies and have invested in over $1 billion dollars worth of real estate during that time frame. His companies currently manage between 25 to 40 ongoing real estate development projects at any given time.

Through his education company, FortuneBuilders, he's been able to share his knowledge and passion for real estate with thousands of aspiring investors.

As a graduate of Yale University and a former NFL player with the Chicago Bears and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Than attributes his success in sports, business and investing to coaching, education and systems. Than is married and has two children.

Paul Esajian

Paul Esajian

Co-Founder, FortuneBuilders & CT Homes

Paul has successfully managed and executed over 1,000 residential real estate development projects since 2004.

He's also raised, underwritten, and funded over $30 million of successful first position asset based loans to investors throughout the United States.

Today he's considered one of nation's premier real estate investors and most sought-after speakers.

Here's What Others are Saying...

5 Stars
I have met countless real estate investors over the years who now have very successful real estate business because of Than's guidance and coaching.
Greg Clement, Founder, Realeflow.comParma Heights, OH
Than's warmth, commitment, and passion will inspire you to truly master your business and improve your life.
Cort Christie, CEO NCHLas Vegas, NV
No one has positively impacted more real estate investors' businesses and lives than Than Merrill.
Sean Malarkey, Blogger and AuthorSanta Barbara, CA
Awesome - It was very informative and packed full of information. A must for every new real estate student.
Cindy T.Fort Worth, TX

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